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A Jazzy Hour in the Forest Theater

A group of musicians is performing outdoors in a lush, forested area. The ensemble includes a pianist, a guitarist, a bassist, and a trumpeter. The pianist is a young boy, while the other musicians are adults. The bassist, wearing a plaid shirt and a turquoise cap, is focused on his instrument. The guitarist has long, curly hair, and the trumpeter in the background is wearing a brown jacket. They are all engaged in their performance, with music stands holding sheet music in front of them.
An ensemble of musicians performs in an outdoor setting, surrounded by nature. Photo by Leslie Carrow.

On June 7, the Forest Theater hosted an event that brought joy to both the young musicians of the Santa Rosa Symphony Youth Jazz Ensemble and their audience. Under the cool shade of the trees in the late afternoon, 75 attendees gathered to enjoy a happy, jazzy hour of music.

This performance not only showcased the budding talent within the youth ensemble but also highlighted the importance of providing young artists with public performance opportunities. These experiences are crucial for their pursuit of artistic excellence and for connecting the local community with the invaluable work of the Santa Rosa Symphony to attract new subscribers and sponsors, further supporting the arts in Santa Rosa.

The event underscored the role of the Forest Theater as a vital cultural venue and Sylvan Sounds as a significant musical program. It also emphasized the park’s growing reputation as a host of diverse cultural events.

As the evening came to a close, it was clear that the synergy between the youth ensemble, the Forest Theater, and the community had created a memorable experience for all.

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A diverse group of people sit in an outdoor setting, clapping and smiling while watching an event. The audience includes individuals of various ages, with some wearing glasses and others dressed casually in sweaters and hats. They are surrounded by tall trees, adding a serene natural backdrop to the scene.
Audience members enthusiastically applaud during an outdoor event, surrounded by the natural beauty of the forest. Photo by Leslie Carrow.