California Arts in Parks

Introducing a new program to deepen connections among individuals, communities, and natural landscapes through the arts.

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Program Mission

California Arts in Parks seeks to expand and deepen connections between individuals, communities, and natural landscapes throughout California by:

  • Supporting Tribal Nations, artists and communities in creating artwork that offers perspective on our past and present and helps us to imagine our potential, and
  • Establishing art installations and programming as catalysts for community health and well-being and as a foundation of California State and Local parks.

Program Vision

Through this program, California’s State and local parks will become more relevant and engaging to all, and will have greater capacity to nourish, educate and inspire individuals and communities.

Program Goals

  • Welcome: to draw California’s diverse populations into parks with culturally reflective and sensitive projects and programs.
  • Empower: to provide opportunities for mentorship and employment, expanding avenues for creative career pathways.
  • Heal: to harness the healing potential of arts and parks to improve physical, mental, and emotional health of individuals and communities.
  • Connect: to create emotional and contemporary experiences that connect people to their state and local parks, link culture and place, intertwine communities, and invite community stewardship.
  • Inspire: to evoke a sense of creativity and exploration among visitors, to celebrate California’s diverse tribal and cultural heritage, and to memorialize the cultural significance of park lands.
  • Elevate: to infuse resources into projects and programs that engage communities through creative expression, promoting social cohesion, delight, and connection to the land.




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