Take part in Arts in California Parks as a creative partner or as community member/park visitor!

Opportunities for Everyone

Experience a Pilot Project! Exciting programs and events are happening in California State Parks in 2023 and 2024. These projects are intended to test ideas and set the stage for more great projects to come in both State parks and local parks. Upcoming Pilot Projects range from community events to art installations and performances.

Share your thoughts on Arts and Parks! By taking this short, fun, and educational survey, you’ll ensure that your preferences and experiences inform how the Program grows.

Opportunities for Creatives

Join the Artist Directory! Artists, culture bearers, and tribes interested in creating public art in California State and local parks are invited to join the Arts in California Parks Artist Directory, a tool that will help park staff discover potential creative collaborators based on location, art medium, and more.

Collaborate with us! Opportunities to collaborate with Park managing entities on funded projects will be announced in 2024.


A park ranger in uniform with long dark hair bends down to help a small child in a pink hoodie carefully brush yellow paint along the side of a building as part of a mural. Several stripes of other muted earthy colors already adorn the concrete and plastic siding, looking like bright streaks of sunshine.
Candlestick Park Growing Together Day. ©2023 Parks California.
A chilly sunny day with white puffy clouds and green grass but bare trees in California. Adults are grouped around a round, ridged, cement object.
Clockshop For Submersion by Gina Clyne