Outreach Toolkit


Every project funded by Arts in California Parks (Program) provides an opportunity to build statewide awareness of Program opportunities and support for the Program. This Outreach Toolkit provides materials for use by parks staff and project partners in promoting Arts in California Parks and associated funded projects. The Toolkit includes branded templates for online and print materials and recommended strategies and schedules for communications, organized by topic. Park staff and partners should plan to utilize the Toolkit resources for all public communications.

Expectations for Toolkit Use

Districts and partners should use the toolkit materials to promote Arts in California Parks and funded projects, both in person and online. Any custom materials created to promote a funded project must be approved by the Arts in California Parks program staff.

How to Use the Toolkit

Toolkit materials are available for download below. Each topic area contains a brief description of the materials available and a link to download a ZIP file of materials for your use. To download the materials, click on the text link.

Once the download is complete, unzip the folder and read the specific instructions included for the use of each item in the folder.

Use these materials to explain and promote the Program in your location and with your online followers.

Download ZIP of Overview materials.

Use these materials to promote the Arts in California Parks survey.

Download ZIP of Survey materials.

Use these materials to promote your funded project in the weeks leading up to your project’s launch, and to encourage visitors to complete the project-specific survey. Instructions for documenting your project are also included here.

Download ZIP of Pilot Project materials.

These files can be used by Districts and partners when following Program guidelines to create custom marketing and outreach materials.

Download ZIP of Logo materials.